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At Stafford Law Firm, we understand how complicated investments and securities law are. That is why we dedicate our practice to representing clients with their regulatory, compliance, enforcement issues and investors facing losses from their investments. If you face problems involving the financial services industry, do not face them alone. We are based in Kansas City and are proud to serve clients nationwide. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation of your case.

Jane Stafford

Jane L. Stafford

Attorney at Law

After growing up with a father who invested in securities, I wanted to learn more about the industry. I earned my Juris Doctor in 1982 and spent over 30 years gaining securities law experience with several highly regarded firms. I founded my own firm in 2004. Today, we represent clients in enforcement actions, regulatory inquiries and investigations, compliance, and general regulatory matters as well as investors seeking recovery of lost funds. If you could benefit from the advice of a securities law attorney and a skilled investor representative, reach out to us today.


What We Can Provide For You

Collaborative Legal Guidance

When you work with Stafford Law Firm LLC, you will have a professional team by your side every step of the way. We will guide you through the legal process, address your questions and concerns, and work toward a resolution. Tell us your specific needs, and we will create a strategy tailored to your best interests.

Accessible Service

We pride ourselves on our open communications and practices. We know how important your case is to your future, so we return emails and missed phone calls quickly and take calls after hours. By knowing and prioritizing your needs, we provide you with the comprehensive and attentive service you deserve.

Experienced Legal Counsel When You Need It Most

The investments and securities law realm can be tough to navigate alone. When problems become too much to bear, turn to legal professionals. Our level of personalized service combined with knowledgeable representation is unmatched by any other firm.

Whether you need representation against an unscrupulous financial advisor or help meeting your regulatory needs, we work toward an outcome favorable to you. After serving clients in this industry with issues just like yours, we know it like our own backyard. Let us help you seek the best resolution for your securities law or investment-related case.

We provide efficient and effective solutions in assisting members of the securities industry protecting investors, we are here to provide you with efficient and effective solutions. You do not have to leave your future to chance; let a professional guide you through the legal space.

If you need the professional services of a securities law attorney, Stafford Law Firm LLC can help. We work through the process and seek the most successful outcome for your situation. When unforeseen circumstances threaten the future of your finances or career, we will be here. We proudly serve the needs of clients in both the Kansas City metropolitan area, Missouri and Kansas, as well as clients nationwide. Contact us today for a free consultation.